Invisible environmentalists

This blog is based on the article i read a year ago and documentary i have seen few months back.

Green peace and other environmental organizations are fighting with administrative agencies to  protect environment from pollution and other dangerous activities by humankind on a gigantic scale.  On the other hand,  some  individuals without any knowledge about environmental protection are contributing to a great extent to the mother earth.

These invisible environmentalist, whom we call waste collectors, works silently. The sort the waste and collect the item that can sold. Often they pick plastic and glass items. These item will be sold to informal waste recycling centers. For them waste is wealth. The documentary depicts the life of these environmentalist.

It is the story about three real life environementalist santosh, sameer and salman. All three are residents of Dharavi (one of the largest ghetto in the world) with no home. They collect plastic waste based on the colour from waste yards and sell it to informal recylcling agencies in dharavi. According them waste is gold and provides means of life.

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