Introduction and arrival in Stanford

Hi to everyone,

my name is Miro Nurmela and I’m one of the Aalto students attending the SSIHP (Stanford Summer International Honours Program) this year. I’ll be studying Computer Science during the summer, but I think I’ll cover my studies in more detail on a later date.

As for me, I’m a 21-year-old student of Computer Science from Aalto University and I should be doing my Bachelor’s Degree next spring. In the hobby front I enjoy games of all kind, ranging from ball games to card games and anything else. I also play competitive floorball. You should get to know me better, assuming I have the time and the energy to keep updating this blog.

I arrived in Stanford yesterday with Essi, Mika and Christian (they are going to have to blog about themselves, if they want to tell more) after spending five days in San Francisco. SF was great, I spent most of my days exploring the city on foot and doing around 45 kilometers of walking during my stay. Still I feel I only scratched the surface – there would still be so much to see and do in the city. Maybe some other time then.

First impressions of Stanford have been great as well. The Branner Hall, in which we live, is very nice. The campus, even though I have yet seen very little, appears to be beautiful and full of things to do and see. And the atmosphere is very international with students from all over the world coming to Stanford for the summer. I’ll report on the campus many more things later, when there is more to tell.

That’s about all right now. I’ll return with more stories and things later on. In the meantime, you should check the blogs from last year, especially Antti’s blog, if you happen to speak Finnish. Oh and feel free to comment.

– Miro