IMP Group, (1982)International Marketing and Purchasing of Industrial goods -An interaction approach, Chapter 2 An interaction approach

This chapter of the book presents the interaction model and it four basic elements: the interaction process, the participants, the environment and the atmosphere. Chapter focuses on th decription of buyer-seller relationships. The relationships consist of episodes that involve product/service, information, financial and social exchanges. My interest is in the information exchange (communication). It builds up inter-organizational contact patterns and role relationships. This contact pattern is similar concept to communication structure, that is used in design communication research. It is stated that these patterns interlock the two parties thus they are an important variable in analyzing buyer-seller relationships.

One characteristic of the relationship is technology. In the interaction the production technoloy of the seller is tied with the application technology of the buyer. Another characteristic is the size, structure and strategy or the organizations. These affect the number of people involved, communication procedures and communication media. If the relationship is close, it gives the opportunity to optimize the division of the production process between the buyer and seller, or co-operate in desing. This has also been noticed in our research.