Illustrated blog – Gardening


There are no balconies in our apartment building in the city centre of Helsinki. Luckily there is a tiny inner yard. That’s the place where we sit after sauna evenings and take our cat out when she gets bored of the flat. The tiny yard becomes a garden on summer months. Ladies grow zucchinis in pots, strawberries in the flower bush and neighbour’s apple tree reaches its branches to our side of the fence. Because the tiny yard is popular among all the cat-owners, there is also enough catnip growing for every cat of the house.

Zucchini in a pot

I hardly ever have time and patience to be in the same place for all of spring and summer. That has made me lousy with gardening. There is not a single herb I could keep alive over the summer. This has taught me to take advantage of the forests of Helsinki. You can find tasty raspberries on the island of Mustikkamaa and blueberries and lingonberries in the mushroom forests of Nuuksio.


Blueberry & Lingonberry