How to find people and their interest in academia?

When returning back to Academia – I have been discovering new things. And one of the favorite is social network for academic people – easy to use service, where you can find like minded people, see their profiles, papers, interests etc.  looks like to great tool for networking, identification of possible collaborators etc. It made it so easy to add there some of my old papers and presentations, find  some old and new colleagues …  Not that many Aalto people there yet, but luckily some.

It is  a bit, no let’s admit it has been far more challenging to find people and their interests in Aalto University. There are systems for personal web pages, but most of the people don’t seem to use them.  There is internal telephone directory, which is hosted by external service provider and requires filling in extra forms, and it has been taking for quite some time to get my info added to the phone book and to get info on how to access the phone book.  After filling in the same form several times, and making multiple phone calls – it is still not working.  And again, I was asked to fill in the same form and send it once again.  Why some things can be made so time consuming, complex, and frustrating, when the could be very simple and easy?