How about submitting cool Mobile Audio Applications for Imagine Cup?

Nokia and Microsoft are arranging a two day hackathon for students in Finland in April 11-12, 2012.

There are 40 seats available and selection will be made from Imagine Cup Windows Phone Challenge applicants from Finland. Registration for Imagine Cup which requires a simple prototype of the application idea ends on 13th of March.

So hurry up and go to to register!

Event will start in Nokia House in Espoo, where a speech from key executive will be delivered for students in the morning. Next the bus would take the participants to the hackathon venue; a hotel/conference resort a bit outside Helsinki.

All-inclusive accommodation (breakfast, lunch, dinner, sauna, recreational activities) will be provided. Besides some small prizes the grand prize would be an internship position for ~5 developers in Nokia Windows Phone Application Software team, where you will get to do real solid software development work. You might as well be working on next version of your hackathon app!