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NEPTUNE – Network for Environmental Projects in Technology, UNited in Europe

Aalto University is organizing a NEPTUNE course 9.-17.3.2012. The course will involve 30 students from five different European countries solving architecture, urban planning, construction, municipal and environmental engineering related problems. The theme of the course is: From Micro to Macro: Scales of Energy Saving and Environmental Technologies in Sustainable Cities of the Future.

The course is a problem-based and group learning exercise, where the goal is to study a particular presented problem. The project’s research focus is a site located in Helsinki, the Kruunuvuoren area, which is under construction as a new residential area to house 11 000 inhabitants by 2020. Kruunuvuoren’s compact, urban residential areas need to be built with respect for the environment and the history of the area. The students’ task is to study the options for bringing the design of alternative and energy efficient, as well as environmentally friendly technologies to the development area. Problem solving in environmental engineering, water supply engineering, transportation planning and building perspectives.

Students are divided into multi-national groups led by a representative of each university. In addition to teaching teamwork the course consists of preliminary tasks, thought-provoking lectures and excursions related to the topic. Internationalism, working in a foreign language (English), and experiencing different working styles/cultures are an important part of the course. At the end of the course the best development proposals will be judged and an award given to the winning team. Aalto University’s Design Factory offers a perfect setting for the group work. The course also includes an orientation weekend, which involves team building, getting to know your fellow students and learning about Finnish culture and nature.

The NEPTUNE system is hosted and coordinated by the University of Applied Sciences in Leeuwarden, who assist partner universities to organize the course annually in their home countries. Aalto University is involved in the group concerned with the built environment together with the NHL at the University of Applied Sciences, Leeuwarden (The Netherlands), The School of the Built Environment, Università degli Studi L’Aquila (Italy), Facultà di Scienza, Economia, Ingegneria; IUT Béthune (France) and the Department of Civil Engineering of the University of Maribor (Slovenia), Department of Architecture.

Aalto is hosting the course in cooperation with the research groups: Clean Technologies (Forest Products Technology) in Aalto University School of Chemical Technologies and Water Engineering (Civil and Environmental Engineering) in Aalto University School of Engineering.

NEPTUNE MISSION – The mission of NEPTUNE is: “to create a realistic learning environment for students, where they can work on a project base, in an international setting, with students from different disciplines.”

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Mikko Martikka [mikko.martikka@aalto.fi]

Leena Sänkiaho [leena.sankiaho@aalto.fi]

Gary Watkins [gary.watkins@aalto.fi]

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