The Lecturers, Autumn 2010 – Spring 2011

Ann Albritton. Albritton is an art historian (Ph.D.) from Ringling College of Art and Design (Florida, USA) In her teaching and research she has focused for example on women artists in history, on Latin American contemporary art and on post-colonial art. 8.11.2010

Franco Bifo Berardi: “Sensibility, language, virtualization and poetry”. Birardi is an Italian radical philosopher.‘bifo’-berardi-presents-the-soul-at-work/

Terike Haapoja (art & bioscience & environment). Haapoja (1974–) is a visual artist working with videos, installations and stage projects, characterized by the use of new media and scientific technologies. She is also a doctoral student in Academy of Fine Arts Helsinki. 28.3.2011

Marina Koldobskaya: “Thinking your history, share your memory.” / “History or hysteria?” / “Speaking strange language” / “Media means medium” / “Cyberfest as meeting point” Artist, curator, journalist and Director of NCCA (National Centre for Contemporary Arts) in St. Petersburg.

Aapo Kustaa Korkeaoja (art as a social force).

Susanna Kuparinen. Is a theatre director and journalist. For the Helsinki Students’ Theatre she has directer a trilogue of plays in which the whole dialogue was taken from the records of Helsinki City Council’s meetings (Valtuusto-trilogia, These semi-documentary plays have earned her a lot of praise and an award too by the Nuori Voima -magazine. She is also the editor of Voima-magazine, 25.10.2010

Teemu Mäki: “What Is the Function of Art? / Mikä on taiteen tehtävä?”. Mäki (1967–) is an artist and Professor of Fine Arts (Doctor of Fine Arts) in the Department of Art, Aalto University School of Art and Design)., http://, Divided into three lectures because of the vast subject matter; 20.9.2010 & 4.10.2010 & 18.10.2010.

Teemu Mäki: “Should Freedom of Speech Be Limited? / Saako profeettaa pilkata?

Teemu Mäki: “Why Are Artists Poor? / Miksi taiteilijat ovat köyhiä?” A lecture + discussion on art & economy. 22.11.2010

Kira Sjöberg: “Art: What’s business (not) gotta do with it?”. Sjöberg is making her doctoral dissertation about profit-generation models of art. She is also an art-manager:

Juha Varto. Varto (1949–) is a philosopher and professor of research of art (Department of Art, University of Art and Design Helsinki, Aalto University,

Akseli Virtanen: “Art and Semiocapitalism”. Virtanen is an economist, philosopher and researcher in ARTLAB of Aalto University.

Dmitry Vilensky: “Russian Contemporary Art”. Vilensky, 1964–, is a curator, artist, activist and researcher, mainly busy in the Russian workgroup of artists and philosophers “Chto delat/What is to be done?”,, Week 50, during MA-students visit to St. Petersburg 13.12.2010.