Welcome to the AaltoWindow blog!

During this autumn, the AaltoWindow project will install three interactive stations — each consisting of a multitouch table, 3D infrared camera (Kinect), WLAN access point for mobile connectivity, and a multimedia PC with active speakers — at public spaces in Otaniemi, Arabia and Töölö (one station per campus). The installed stations are then networked together so that the users are able to interact with each other in real-time, even if located at geographically separated spaces.

The core platform software supports popular interactive AV frameworks such as Processing, HTML5/JavaScript, WPF, openFrameworks etc. (more about these in a forthcoming blog post). The content is developed on top of the core software, and can thus be built using familiar languages, libraries and tools. The project personnel supports content creation by giving guest lectures, organizing workshops and maintaining a website with a community forum and online help desk.

The AaltoWindow platform is open for students, researchers and other Aalto community members. If you are interested in developing for the platform, have an application idea, research question or anything else related, please take part in the discussion and give comments and suggestions to this or any of the forthcoming blog posts!

On behalf of the AaltoWindow team,

Jari Kleimola,
project manager