27.1.2011, Tower: Songspiel by Chto Delat / Dmitry Vilensky

01183 Taiteen äärellä, 14.10.2010-05.05.2011


Looking at Art!

Tomorrow, 27.1.2011, atomized web-learning and virtual meeting, goes like this:

Watch the “Tower: Songspiel” by Chto Delat / Dmitry Vilensky. It’s 37 minutes and can be found here:


Also read its screenplay:


And briefly check out what Chto Delat is:


Then go to the new page of Looking at Art -course:


…and then look at the “Tower Songspiel” post and send your one page of writing about the film there as a comment. Send only one comment, but check out what the others have sent too.


So this time we will have only a virtual meeting and the discussion part consists of only your one page comments.

Next week we’ll meet face to face again.

Best regards,