Guerilla sewing for the city-as-flea-market

Sewing for good in the square behind Lasipalatsi.

Just bumped into this – a volunteer public sewing stand – yesterday on my way from A to B. Turns out it’s a preparation for Siivouspäivä, or “cleaning day”, which is a brilliant scheme from Alternative Design Capital. It’s all day tomorrow, Saturday May 12th. From their site:

Clean up your attic and redecorate your home, as Cleaning Day will convert cities into giant flea markets on Saturday 12th of May. Anyone can sell or donate their furniture, clothes, gadgets and more, right on the street, and shop new ones from their neighbors. During this neat day one can also sell anything self-made.

Stands could be set anywhere you like, but please pay attention to other people and safety instructions and ask permission if it is needed. Cleaning day is a neat day, so take care of your stuff and clean up your mess also in public places.

On the map page you can browse the stands and search them by opening hours or different categories. Anyone with a Facebook account can add his own stand to the map regardless of its location, but it isn’t obligatory.”

Okay, it’s not exactly MoA, but can you deny its enthusiastic optimism? Besides, it’s exactly the time of year for students to sell everything they own before they start traipsing around Southeast Asia for eight months.