GOULD, J.D., BOIES, S.J., AND LEWIS, C. 1991. Making usable, useful, productivity-enhancing computer applications. Communications of the ACM 34, 1, 74

Gould, Boies and Lewis (1991) elaborate on their own rules by emphasizing the need to act out the design for usability principles as a process, and by adding a fourth rule “Integrated design”. With integrated design the authors reach towards strategic usability and design for user experience when they demand the development of all relevant aspects in parallel such as the user interface, documentation and support services. They further stress the necessity to have the whole process under one management.

They also identify four different roles in information systems design.

-Content or application experts know the actual user tasks and contexts
-Content or Application programmers implement the new programs
-Style designers develop the graphical design and handle human factors (usability)
-Style programmer who create needed new interaction techniques.

They claim that a three-way division to style of the UI, content of the UI and functional code allow more fluent changes during the development.