Gopsill, J.A, McAlpine, H.C., Hicks, B.J. (2012) PartBook – A Social Media Approach for Capturing Informal Product Knowledge, Design2012

I found this to be a very interesting paper. It tackels the challenges in design communication from the same point-of-view than my latest research. The authors have created PartBook that is based on uploading a screenshot of relevant product information (sketch, CAD model, finished component, etc.) and having informal discussion around it. The PartBook is based on a framework for the capture, management and sharing of informal product knowledge the authors have constructed. The framework consists of 5 key elements:

  1. artefact classification (artefact + context of it)
  2. product/part & product lifecycle + organizational classification (multiple perspectives used within engineering domain)
  3. communication classification (context behind communication elements)
  4. hindsight classification (context behind the re-use of elements)
  5. managing and sharing criteria (mechanisms for search, retrieval and links between informal product knowledge objects, and ability to push information to the right engineer)

When informal product knowledge objects are created they are tagged, which helps in re-using them. Example tags: #overview of lessons learned, mention IPK 345 (link to informal product knowledge object no 345)