Gomez-Perez, J.M. et al. (2009) Using Task Context to Achieve Effective Information Delivery, Workhop on Context, Information and Ontologies, Greece

The use of task context (i.e. the context of the user’s current activities) to guide information seeking of knowledge workers is valuable for improving their effectiveness. That is, user’s context can be characterized by a set of information objects (information sources) which are accessed during the task, and context can be selected from the IT system, which retrieves the documents accordingly. For example, the context can be design work, which means that relevant 2D and 3D drawings and e-mails a retrieved for the user. At the end of the paper the authors list four relevant contexts to be used to build a hierarchy of context, which can be used by the user to decide the next step. The four contexts are: Work, Business, Task and Environmental contexts.