Going back to Finland

Two weeks in Peru went very fast, which is always the case when something is done intensively. The typical working day started at eight o’clock when a driver picked us from the apartments. During the day we had seminars, company visits or something else until six or seven.

And because we had to change pretty much everything of the seminars’ contents, we had to work also in the evenings. Usually we started at eight and ended around midnight. And the next day same again…

However, it was all worth it. We met so nice people, visited many interesting companies and had such successful workshops. Finally on Friday, when everything was done, the bodies and the minds were ready to Finland. But before leaving, we had still Friday and Saturday time to enjoy Peru. Tiina, Oscar and I headed to the beach straight after the final feedback session with embassy staff and bosses of CITE. We had a great football session and I managed to get few waves as well with my surfboard.

In the evening we decided to check the Peruvian nightlife. Diego, Gerardo, Laura (the designers who were facilitating the workshops) and Gilda promised to be our guides. We met in our apartment after dinners and after tasting a little bit of local Pisco, most of us headed to the dark rock club. The club was full of locals and the experience was awesome: live Peruvian music (not a single familiar song), dance lessons by Diego (something amazing that cannot be seen in Finland) and lots of fun.

Saturday morning went by packing, which turned out be a huge challenge especially for some of us. Luckily our flight didn’t leave until seven something in the evening so we had still time to go beach and have the last football and surf sessions.

Unfortunately, when we arrived to the airport, our plane to Paris was over one hour delayed. When we finally landed we had only half an hour time to catch the plane to Helsinki. And of course our captain parked the plane two meters too far, so we had to wait another 15 minutes to get out of the plane. So despite a new running record from terminal F to terminal D, we missed our flight. Some of us were already planning to take a train to see Eiffel tower but fortunately we managed to get tickets to the next flight. Now we finally sit in the airplane, heading to Helsinki. This has been a great IDBM trip but it is always nice come back Finland also. Thanks for everybody!

Written by Pekka