Getting started

Hello world once again!

My start as a blogger has not been as fast as I expected. But from now on I’ll try to blog about writing my masters thesis.

In this first post I’ll present the topic, the aim and the purpose of the study.

The subject of the thesis is something like “Measuring indoor environments by using a laser scanner-equipped mobile mapping system”. As I see it, indoor maps and indoor navigation is subject for increased interest. Indoor maps that can be shown on a handheld device, such as a smartphone, could be used to a multitude of applications. Such applications include e.g. platform for indoor navigation, aid for firefighters as they are planning a mission or 3D data production that can be used for planning or in architecture.

The advantages of a MMS (mobile mapping system) over traditional statick laser scanning is increased productivity due to faster measurements. Usually the positioning of a MMS is done particularly by a GNSS. However, the GNSS signals are so weak in indoor environments, that positioning of the MMS is higly unaccurate. Due to this, positioning has to be carried out in another way. In this thesis, one of the research questions is to find out how accurate positioning can be reached when using solely the INS (inertial navigation system) for positioning. I will also try to methods to improve the accuracy of the measured data.