Future Kitchen=Touch screen + Smart tech?

Came back from Milan Design Week, what I am interested most is still the FTK and Salone Satellites. This is the Fifth edition of FTK(Technology for the Kitchen),the collateral exhibition to EuroCucina, dedicated to the technology of built-in electrical appliances with a display of innovation products including the cooker hoods, and also, plays an informed window on the coming years. It is, as always, a sectorial point of reference for the products of the future, from energy-saving, user-friendly devices to those speak the same language as PCs, mobile phone and tables. Over 30 well-known brands are taking part the FTK 2012 in Milan del mobile.

No double, the touch screen tech is the main stream concept for most stoves interface, like a big Ipad with heat: the heat moves following the pot, it can sense the shape and size for the pot, and the user could adjust the heat by using the roller shown on the touching screen. Many tycoons, like Simens, Bosch, Neff have displayed the huge “ipad” concept and design a playful section for cooker-audient interaction, although now is still prototype but it would be shown in the market within 2 years.

In another increasingly interactive world even electric appliances seem to follow this trend: Whirlpool Europe’s “6th Sense Live” technology enables consumers to interact with their electrical appliances straight from their Smartphone, tables or personal computers. They connect online through Wifi and are driven by a single application that can be downloaded onto tables, or PCs. In the future the company group is venturing into global connectivity: from smart electrical appliances to smart kitchen, smart homes and smart cities, well~ I am still a little bit resist that kind of life, although it was said the trend is already on the track.

Touch screen refrigerator, touch screen stove, touch screen cooker hoods, touch screen….. seems there is a single choice for our kitchen– it will full of screens, clean and minimalism(I have to admit the display is really beautiful and stylish, but I need 2 maids to clean them every day), I just wondering, is that we really appreciated for, what if we don’t have fingers~ do we have more alternatives?:)