We raised 360 000 euros for Aalto University!

As a part of the Prodeko Brazil Project, we organized a large campaign together with Prodeko Alumni to raise funds for the newly-established Aalto University. The final result of the campaign was published today and we are happy to say that the Prodeko Alumni donated over 360 000 euros for Aalto University. Due to a 2.5-fold support from the government, Aalto University got almost 1.3 million euros due to our joint efforts.

The results were published at the 45th anniversary of Prodeko where Jorma Eloranta (former CEO of Metso Corporation and the Chairman of the Advisory Board of Prodeko), Kaj Hagros (CEO of Tecnotree Plc. and President of Prodeko Alumni) and Martti Heikkila (President of Prodeko and one of our crewmembers) handed a giant “cheque” to the university.

We are super-excited about the generosity of Prodeko Alumni and we would like to thank all donors on behalf of the Prodeko Brazil Project crew. Awesome! We hope that there will be similar student & alumni projects in Aalto University in the future.