Food post

My sister Jenni asked me to take pictures of the foods here, so yesterday I took my camera along, as we went around the city once again.

However, before we could leave the house completely, we had to eat breakfast. So, as I usually do, I got a few freshly baked bread rolls from the corner-bakery. My favorite so far has been the Kurbiskensemmel (=pumpkin bread roll), which has lots of pumpkin seeds baked in with the dough. Especially when toasted, the kurbiskensemmels turn nice and sweet and are a treat to eat with, for example, apple jam. You’ll find the picture of the kurbiskensemmel at the end of the post.

For lunch we went to my regular Leberkäsesemmel-place at Viktualienmarkt. We took two for each (me and Petri) of these slabs of meat between traditional bread rolls. A picture is, of course, at the end of this post.

Afternoon coffee was served to us by Starbucks, since we were fairly tired and wanted only a big mug-o’-coffee (normal coffee). Since it was a sunny day, I bought a frisbee and we enjoyed a Paulaner (local beer) on the nice grass of the Alte Pinakotek (a big and old museum, located about 200 m. from my home). See below for picture.

After exhausting ourselves with physical exercise, we went for one more beer at the Löwenbräu bier garten. The Oktoberfest bier was now out, so we had ourselves one Maß (ß = ss) of that 🙂 and a pretzel. See below for picture..

After all this exercise and being in the sun, we weren’t feeling quite like cooking anything fancy. Therefore, for dinner, we bought two nice frozen pan pizzas. Since there’s nothing exotic about frozen pizza, I didn’t take any pictures of it. It was tasty, even though Petri found the pizza to big (how can a frozen pizza for one person be too big??).

The Oktoberfest starts today, so we’ll probably head out to see the parade and stuff. Today is therefore also the first must-wear-day for the lederhosen!