First week with CITEmadera


Week 8 we went through our business model by having three workshops with CITEmadera. We had a couple of local young designers as assistants to translate. We had interesting discussions with CITEmadera people. In general Peruvian people are very nice, also the food is very good.

Here you can see Oscar running the workshop, because he speaks Spanish native.

We also visited several manufacturers and saw very different kind of design styles. Some placer was bigger and some smaller. In small and medium size companies they usually produce only customized products designed by architects or interior designers. It was also interesting to hear what kind of problems and future plans the owner had planned. One manufacturer export to Egypt, another promoted in telenovelas and one owner would like to open her own IKEA in Peru.

It is quite hard to imagine what kind of products the manufacture with very old machines. (When the Internet works a bit better, we can post some more pictures.)

One part of the biggest furniture manufacturer in Peru.

On week 9, which is our second week here in Peru, we will test the workshops with the companies and have some more visits. I hope we will have energy to blog more!