Finnish playground equipment done seriously

Most of you beloved readers are probably slightly older than those who might prefer spending their time on playground equipment. However, here in Finland the number one in playground equipment as well as park and street furniture is a company called Lappset. Although this company is much more mature than an average startup, it is the biggest player on its field here in Finland and that’s why worth at least one blog post.

However, there is a visionary entrepreneur behind this company. A man from northern Finland named Antero Ikäheimo wanted to design wooden playground equipment instead of those metallic ones, which were in fashion at that time, back in the 70’s.

Although the company encountered some challenges, the business grew rapidly.  And in the 80’s Lappset was the first company in the industry to invest into computer aided-design (CAD). During past 40 years Lappset has grown from a one man project to an international group and continues to be successful.