Exhibiting and Criticizing

I have noticed that there is a plan to give points to artists when someone has written a critique or an article about their exhibition to a ‘distinguished journal’.

In arts this does not of course lead to the fact that you’d been qualified as an artist, but let’s say that using this as a method for quality control might not be a bad idea, as just having your name mentioned in a ‘distinguished journal’ tells a lot about your career and impact. Together with many (and I mean really many) other ways of quality control this might well form one tiny part of our quality matrix.

But, then, shouldn’t we also see the work of writing critique and articles for  these journals as one deed we could give points to? Once again, neither this work (writing for ‘disinguished journals’) does not proove that you are a good expert in arts but it tells a lot about your career and impact. In professional circles this work is very respected.