Excursion at Outotec


We visited Outotec headquarters with the project team on Thursday 26th of June. Excursion was great and the people at Outotec are awesome! Next, we’re going to tell you briefly what we learned at the excursion.

In the year 2006, a company called Outotec was born from steel company Outokumpu’s technology unit. Today, Outotec innovates, develops and delivers sustainable technology solutions and life cycle services to minerals and metals industries, energy industry, industrial water treatment and chemical industry. Outotec has strong market position across the entire value chain from ore to metal. Outotec’s sales in 2010 were EUR 970 million and they are present in 24 different countries and are delivering to 80 countries. Outotec is indeed a truly international company. At the moment, Outotec has 3300 employees.

In Brazil, Outotec operates in Belo Horizonte with ca. 100 employees. Unfortunately, Belo Horizonte was a little too far away to fit into our schedule.

Nice to know fact about Outotec is that half of the world’s pyrometallurgical and one-third of the word’s hydrometallurgical copper is produced with Outotec’s technology.

Below you will find few Brazil-related quotes from Outotec’s 2010 annual report:

“Countries such as Brazil, which supply raw materials, particularly iron ore, to China, are also investing in new capacity.”

“The economies of South and Central America turned towards steady growth. The region has a large number of mines and also some metal industry. Brazil is still the region’s driver for growth and it is a significant producer of iron ore.” (18 % of the world’s iron ore comes from Brazil)

“About two-thirds of the global pellet production derives from Outotec’s leading technology with guaranteed high quality and low operational costs. Samarco in Brazil is the world’s largest pelletizing plant with annual capacity of 7.25 million tonnes.”