EPUBlication, preliminary work

A while ago we had a brief discussion in the local Yammer community about this blog platform and EPUB. There is an export plugin but as the admin noticed, it hasn’t been updated for some time. I’d imagine that the author, Martin Fenner, has been busy lately doing something else.

The blog will have a longer service break later this month, so now is the prime time to test how the XML export performs. Some years ago I went through an EPUB tutorial by Liza Daly. For some reason the last mile, zipping, didn’t succeed. Better to re-do the exercise.

The first thing I noticed from the XML was that the bulk posts were without paragraphs. Not good. The HTML editor lets you think that visual gaps generate proper structural breaks but that’s not the case. Well, luckily I haven’t been that productive, so I just went through all posts and added the missing p elements.