End of one era

One week to my last exam; Philosophy of Science II. I have done tons of book essays, courses and exercises. I have been studying now for 7 and half years, received my Master’s and done the courses needed for Doctoral degree excluding the last exam. Phew! Now “all” I have left is dissertation.

After Christmas break, I will start my Licentiate thesis on digital manufacturing. I am hoping to write a review on a general level about fundamentals of digital manufacturing, because it seems there is no good study book on the subject. I am thinking that it could be appreciated on my upcoming course also. It is somewhat unorthodox to do Licentiate  thesis on different subject than dissertation, but I haven’t been the standard student anyways.

My Dissertation is now in it’s working phase, I have done quite good research plan and even managed to do one fifth of the work; I have one article pending in a journal of my field. My first paper is on chip breakage of low lead brass, done in collaboration with Oras Oy and Tampere University of Technology. It went well in the viewpoint of the company, we managed to solve the problem of chip breakage. On scientific level, the paper doesn’t contribute much, it is more like the De Facto procedure of using finite element method to solve practical machining problem. What it does bring up is that the material models have serious problems considering coupled effects of strain, strain rate and temperature. Also the procedure of acquiring material parameters by tensile testing, SPHB-testing and cutting experiments was well documented and inspected. I will post the link to the paper if and when it will be published. In case you want to know more.

My following research is to generate a new material model that takes all the phenomenon found in the previous paper into account and implement the model to the software I’m using. Then I compare the results to see if the change of model does improve the simulation accuracy. So I am going to be busy doing my Licentiate thesis, my research and all the teaching I have as my responsibility.

Also news on digital manufacturing; Finnish industrial research foundations; FIMECC and TEKES have this huge manufacturing research project coming up called MANU. It has 30-50M€ for digitalisation of Finnish manufacturing industry. All the largest Finnish companies are already in it, but I heard that small and medium businesses are still wished to take part too. The themes include integration of production and engineering design, management of global business networks and lean and agile production.

Sampsa out, merry Christmas for all!

PS. If you started to wonder how one article is only one fifth of the work needed for dissertation, the reason is that the new guidelines of Aalto University demands five journal papers for dissertation. Isn’t it nice, because in many (read all) other countries demands only two to four papers. I get to do so much more research work, Yay!