Ellis, T.J. & Levy, Y. 2008. Framework of problem-based research: A guide for novice researchers on the development of a research-worthy problem

Informing Science Journal. Vol. 11. pp. 17–33. ISSN 1547-9684.

Another interesting article from the same duo Ellis&Levy, is on developing a good and well argued research problem and research questions. They claim that the proposed research must have potential in “making an original contribution to the applicable body of knowledge”, so the research must be based on “an exhaustive understanding of the body of knowledge related to the field or topic of study”. It must also either fill a known gap in the body of knowledge, replicate and expand previous research, or bring out new solutions for some “specific, identifiable, and documented problems with the currently available solutions”.

The article presents the elementary terms, such as research problem, research question and research topic, in an understandable way, and gives instructions and even examples on how to present one’s research problem in a way that justifies its research-worthiness.