Education panel – send in your questions

We have now finalized the program for the Game Audio Symposium, check it out here if you haven’t already.

The event is getting closer! In the meantime, here’s an opportunity to have an influence. We will be hosting a panel on game audio education with some impressive panelists, including:

Dr Philip Dean, Professor of New Media Management – Head of Department and Director of Aalto University Media Factory
Otto Romanowski, Composer, computer artist, performer, music technology pioneer and lecturer at Sibelius Academy.
Dr Damian Murphy, Composer, sound artist, lecturer in the Audio Lab, Dept. of Electronics, University of York, UK.

The discussion will be chaired by musician and lecturer Antti Ikonen, who is also running the Sound in New Media master’s program at Aalto.

So, what issues do you want to bring to the table in this session? What are the skills you look for in a game sound designer and what kind of talent is hard to find? What challenges do you find most difficult to solve in production and how could they be emulated in teaching activities? Where will the industry be in 10 years and how do we prepare for that? Post your questions, comments and thoughts below, or send them by email to <>