Eckert, C.M et al. (2000) Intelligent support for communication in design teams: garment shape specifications in knitwear industry, Design Studies, 21, pp. 99-112

The papers looks at how intelligent design support system can help translate designers incomplete and inconsistent specifications into correct representation. The design is handed over from designer to the technicians whi make the clothes. The technicians interpret the design according to their previous knowledge and the challenge found in the paper was that many times the designs look too much like the old ones since the technicians do not understand the context of fashion (i.e. what is in). To help clear the ambiguity of the design specifications artificial intelligence can be used in two ways: systems that design, and systems that support the design task. Systems that design provide design solutions for sub-problems in the design task, and it is used by the designers. CAD systems can be used to give different participants access to information and expertise of their colleagues, so they can discuss the conflicts in the design structure.