Doherty et al. (2012) Collaboration in Translation: The impact of Increased Reach on Cross-organisational Work, Computer Supported Cooperative Work

After reading this paper the thing what I took from it was the description of increased reach in cross-organizational work. Commercial and technological trends in recent years have led to a situation wherework is increasingly done across organisational boundaries, and this has been recognized as one of the biggest challenges in CSCW research. While information technology has enabled this greater distribution, it has also created a situation where the communication mechanisms, coordination, and awareness differ from face-to-face settings. Other trends such as outsourcing to multiple providers and the use of freelance workers can also frustrate efforts to build and maintain the ties, shared context, and communication channels. Increased reach can make it difficult for workers to maintain awareness, given the physical distribution of workers and aggregation within and across organisations. The distribution of work across organisational boundaries can result in bottlenecks in communication. The authors also state that cross-organizational communication patterns in CSCW research have not been studied in significant detail.