Format GPT hard disk in Windows to MBR & exFAT

If you need to use big, over 2 GB files both in Windows and Mac OS X’s, MBR partition format and exFat files system is the most practical option for your mobile HDD. Linux administrators might disagree but there should be some kind of solution.

Mac OS X’s Disk Utility is easy, but what to do if you have to quickly reformat an GPT/EFI disk (from Mac or Win 7) to MBR partition layaout and exFAT file system in Windows 7 or XP ?

Let’s assume the external hard disk is Disk 3 (check with Computer -> Manage -> Storage -> Disk Management) and the drive letter is  G:

2) In Windows 7, Choose Start -> All Programs -> Accessories -> Command Prompt -> Right-click & choose “Run as administrator”

In Windows XP, use Windows-R and cmd — for exFat support you have to install a patch first:

3) Type commands

select Disk 3
create partition primary
assign letter=g
format g: /fs:exfat /q

Some technical info:

Compile and enable exFat support in Ubuntu or Debian: