Discussions about human rights and the universal truth… and more

Before the first week of our eight week stay in Stanford draws to a close I’ll write up a few remarks and things I’ve noticed before they all slip my mind. There will be little or no cohesion between the following paragraphs.

There is a ongoing theme of human rights during the Summer Session here in Stanford. That theme brings to us many distinguished speakers and several documentaries from around the world. Last Tuesday Fatou Bensouda presented her first speech as the new International Criminal Court’s chief prosecutor about the workings of the International Criminal Court and the usage of law as a preventative tool of justice. The speech was good and the following discussion was interesting to follow. There are more speakers to come.

In every class room and lecture hall I’ve been to there seem to be at least one person working the devices. These devices include but are not limited to cameras, projectors, computers, microphones, chairs and broadcasting equipment. At least the lectures of my courses are recorded and you can view them later if you wish. Very convenient. Also when there is someone whose sole responsibility is to make sure everything runs smoothly during lectures the lectures actually run very smoothly and no time is wasted to something like trying to make the projector work.

It’s a pleasure to hang out with so many smart people. I’ve had talks about human rights, the pros and cons of a scientific world view, the existence of universal truth, the beauty of mathematics and many more. More to come, I hope.

Nyan cat can be an effective tool to teach compilers. Cookies in class make any lecture better.

I prefer regular roasted marshmallows to s’mores.

I’m sure I’m forgetting something, but I’m signing off for the weekend. Stay tuned for more exciting gibbergabber from Stanford.