Developing the Aaltonaut Execution plan

During the past eight months we have been discussing different implementation scenarios with numerous Aalto actors. Various proposed options have been further developed towards an execution plan.

Aaltonaut is to be launched with the strategy “minimal input, maximal output”. The new study track will be based on and supportive of the basic studies of the students from the fields of Arts and Design, Business, and Engineering. During the first study year, the students’ perspective on their Bachelor’s studies will be widened with studies of product development, entrepreneurship, research methods and communication. The first year will also include forms of company collaboration, such as summer training. Following the first Aaltonaut study year, the students will do foreign exchange in carefully selected universities. During the third year the students will be provided with mentoring in order to make interdisciplinary, Aalto spirit -influenced study choices. The intensive mentoring program aims at opening new perspectives to studies and supporting the students in their choices.

At the moment Aaltonaut is entering into an execution phase, where we are looking for enthusiastic teachers to develop the courses further and young doctoral students to take their own small group of students to coach towards their yet-undiscovered dreams. We are also looking for students to participate to the pilot studies, as well as encouraging our partner companies to join us in developing the pilot plan further. Some of the pilot courses will start already this year, complete track launching with the student intake of 30 in 2013.

We have also some changes in the development team: Hannes has moved to new challenges whereas Saana and Tapio will continue with the project part-time alongside their studies. Kalevi “Eetu” Ekman and Maria Clavert continue their work with Aaltonaut on full steam.