Designing devices for healthier life

Some of us, like me, like to go to gym. On the other hand, most of us probably do not think the gym equipment or its origin while exercising. However, some of you might recognize David, which is a very prominent gym equipment manufacturer.

The history of David dates back to first half of the 70’s, when a 17-year-old Finn named Arno Parviainen travelled to Florida with his friend to visit a local manufacturer. Parviainen was so inspired about device based training that he built some devices at his school’s metal shop, and next summer travelled back to Florida to propose cooperation.

However, the manufacturer at Florida was not able to start cooperation, but asked if Parviainen could come back after a couple of years. Parviainen some years, went back, but the manufacturer still was not interested.

At this point Parviainen decided to develop his own product, went to university to study economics, and finally founded his own company in early 80’s. The business went quite well, and it was even found that the David devices operated on principles that were not applied on any other gym devices in the market so far.

During the 80’s and 90’s the company conquered different areas including rehabilitation and testing systems. Late 90’s Parviainen sold the business to a German distributor. However, ten years later, when Parviainen’s offspring showed interest in getting involved in David, Arni Parviainen returned to David with his son Lauri Parviainen medical doctor by education.