Current issues (June)

 Information for teaching personnel  

 15 August there will be a training half day for CHEM teaching personnel at PUU2 Auditorium. Programme will include topical study affairs, process of credit transfer and exam arrangements in Aalto. Both Finnish and English will be used.30 August at 1 pm there will be another training day for teachers on ethical issues, copyrights etc. Orginizer will be AaltoSCI and the event is for all Aalto teachers. 

Course and exam schedules

The course schedules of all degree programmes for the autumn 2012 have been on comment round. They will be finalized based on the received comments. The exam schedules for the academic year 2012-2013 are currently on comment round – the intention is to have them finalized by the end of week 24.The course and exam schedules will be published in INTO by mid summer (pdf versions). Aalto University’s OODI team will transfer the information about courses and exams to WebOodi by the end of June. The students may start enrolling to the courses held in teaching period I on 11 August.  

New doctoral students  

  • The application time for doctoral studies ended on 27 April. There was altogether 30 applications including one for Erasmus Mundus Joint Doctoral Programme SELECT+. Dean’s decision was made 23 May (25 positive, 2 negative and 3 conditional decisions)
  • 21 of the accepted applicants had domestic MSc degree, 2 hold Licentiate degree and two foreign MSc degree. Three applicants will graduate during summer 2012 (conditional decisions)
  • Distribution according to supervising professors’ department
    BK 9; KE; MT 5 and P 5.
    Conditional decisions dealt with two applicants for P dept. and one for MT dept.
  • Full time and part time students: 14 of the accepted are full time and 11 part time students. Full time students conduct their research at Aalto CHEM, part time students outside Aalto CHEM, most typically at VTT.

Update of doctoral processes (29 May 2012) �

  • Four manuscripts are in pre-examination currently.
  • Two publich defences for June 2012 confirmed
  • Estimation for doctoral degrees 2012: 22
  • There is a proposal of the reducing the amount of theoretical studies required for postgraduate degree in Academic Affairs Committee in June. The possible change from 60 cr to 40 cr will be informed separately
  • There was a strategy day of Aalto Doctoral Board 21 May 2012. Discussion included
    • National and international doctoral programmes
    • Funding of doctoral education in the future due to ending of current national doctoral programme system
    • Level of doctoral education and good practices
    • Tenure track and doctoral education

APELCHEM rules on credit transfer have been decided on school’s academic affairs committee 24 April.