Critique and Workshop learning outcomes

The City Sets Helsinki workshop was a smashing successes and came to a close on the 9.03 with a screening and critique of student work. Among our lecturers Marja Seliger, Mika Tuomola, Heidi Tikka and Youngae Hahn (post-doc researcher) was our EnSAD guest professor Anna Bernagozzi. The students had also a chance to talk about their learning outcomes and defend their work, when being critiqued.

Together they reviewed and constructed a critique on the four works exposed. The City Sets media player was the medium to show their work and proved to be perfect. Thanks to Palash Mukhopadhyay, original designer and coder or the City Sets media player, we could testify how powerful this tool is.

The City Sets media is a ‘live archive’ tool that holds our extense archive ofl works uploaded on previous City Sets happenings. Our latest student work is available now: