SGT: Critical Analysis of Interdisciplinary Approach

By Raja Hassan

When your car is broken you go to the car mechanic to fix it.
When your hairs are looking weird you visit barber.
When you have some health issues you visit physician.
When you want a new paint on your house you ask a painter.

And so on and so forth. It was my first experience of working in interdisciplinary group. And the key issues we faced is CONFUSED OBJECTIVE. One reason for the confused objective might be the composition of the group because for some a particular direction to pursue is important based on their field of study for others it might be “out of focus of the project” and “too difficult”. So in my opinion the efficiency of research and development in interdisciplinary group is much lowered because of changing objectives then in a particular field research group.

In my opinion interdisciplinary research should be encouraged but in a way that the essence of research stays alive. For instance formation of different groups having same objectives but different field of study. Another possibility can be in such interdisciplinary courses is to predetermine the objective.

Similarly it is known that different methods are there for checking blood pressure, washing clothes, building home and so on. However in interdisciplinary approach choosing the correct method is also a big issue. For instance if you ask blacksmith to fix your car what will happen. Or If you need a major surgery and you visit a cobbler. So in my opinion selection of the method is also most important part of any research project for reliable results.