Creative sustainability students on pioneering urban communities

By: Katri Pulkkinen

In the past few years, pioneering urban communities have begun to change the scene of events in Helsinki. There have been happenings and activities, new opportunities of citizen participation, and new ways of using space. Will these urban phenomena have a lasting effect in bringing people together as communites? Could they be able to become mainstream as a way of thinking of how the city is used?

In fall 2012, the students of Aalto’s Creative Sustainability MA program studied five of these pioneering communities as a course task in “Systems thinking for sustainable communities”. Working in cross-disciplinary groups, the students found out about We Love Helsinki, Kalasatama area, Kuinoma-service, Restaurant day and Dodo’s urban farming movement. The pioneering movements were researched as systems that both learn about and affect their environment. The course is first part of two obligatory courses in systems thinking, the second one “Systems thinking for planners and designers” organized in the spring 2013.

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In this blog, the students are writing individually about the communities that they studied during the course.