Course coming up: Planning, Branding and Designing Tourism Destinations (6cr)

We will hold the multidisciplinary course Planning, Branding and Designing Tourism Destination (6 cr) again this spring. The experience from last year was very exciting, and we are looking forward to this year’s students and outcomes!

The aim of the course is to broaden the multidisciplinary aspects of planning and designing a tourism destination specifically with regard to land use planning, product building and marketing as well as media and design. We’ll simulate the cooperative working process that takes place when planning tourism destinations.

During the course, everybody contributes to the group assignments from the point of view of their own fields of study, and will therefore gain understanding of each others’ roles, interests and contributions in the team. The aim is to learn about your own role within the team, and what it means to bring the stakeholder-specific interests and practices into a holistic process. We will be investigating different approaches to planning and developing tourism destinations, such as:

  • Introduction to land use planning and its meaning in planning tourism destinations
  • Productization and branding of a tourism destination at different levels: local, regional and national viewpoints
  • Cultural heritage, art and design, landscape and environment in planning and designing tourism experience

Intensive learning period of the course will be held in Koli, North Carelia, Finland. During the online period, the students will familiarize themselves with Koli and the region. This orientation will be done by investigating Koli from the different viewpoints, approaches and fields of study.

This course is designed for master’s level and Phd students, and open to all Aalto and FUNTS students. International and exchange students are encouraged to enroll to the course. All students are advised to check whether the course fits into their curriculum and to discuss with their supervisor.

The course is offered together with the Finnish University Network for Tourism Studies (FUNTS). Please, contact by E-mail: in case you are interested in accomplishing the course but do not have a FUNTS’s student status.

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