Cockton et al. (2009) Evolving and Augmenting Worth Mapping for Family Archives. HCI 2009.

In the paper Cockton et al. presents the process of developing worth maps from field research and design sketches. Cockton et al. describes also the process of simplifying and fine-tuning the worth map format.

Worth maps allows designing as connecting and thus forms connections between designs and human values. Cockton et al. states in the paper “Interaction is largely a means to an end, and very rarely an end in itself” and proposes more focus on worth and human values.

The study presented in the paper aimed at creating a worth map for a Family Archive and found associations between design interventions and family archives. In addition another goal was to try out and refine worth mapping.

As a result from using worth maps in this multidisciplinary research project Cockton et al. summarizes recommendations for project teams using worth maps to following five guidelines

1. Combine records with tutorial materials.
2. Modularize.
3. Don’t map unsurveyed terrain.
4. Appropriate all design resources.
5. Maximize participation.

by Sofi Weckman