Cloud speed software development

The availability of high-speed communication networks in the beginning of the 21st century enabled software delivery to users and customers in increasingly faster rate, a.k.a. “internet speed” software development. Feedback from the users and customers could be gathered more often, but the development organization had to be also capable of reacting to the feedback to benefit from it.

The adoption of cloud technologies has enabled even faster delivery cycles and enabled continuous releases of new versions to the customers, which can be called “cloud speed” software development. The transition from the traditional once-a-year cycle of releases in consumer software products and even longer release cycles in B2B software development to nearly versionless delivery cycles poses challenges to the planning of large-scale software development. Traditional, slow and cumbersome, planning practices are often a major weakness in large organizations developing cloud software, as fast paced and highly competitive market requires planning that is able to react to feedback and changes in “cloud speed”.