Cladwell et al. (1995) Appropriateness of communications media use in organizations: situation requirements and media characteristics, Behaviour & Information Technology

Although this paper is a bit outdated to be taking about communication media, it tackles a topic many papers dismiss. Paper discusses the requirements that different communication situations set on the communication media. Eight situations were looked from 3 different views: message urgency, amount of message content, and distance between communicators. The media used varied from audio mail and written memos to face-to-face meetings and advanced computer group interactions (basic groupware). The results show that the requirements of the situations and media characteristics need to match, and thus one type of media cannot be used in all communication.

I think since communication media has advanced since 1995, more requirements for tasks could be included, and matched with more complex media. For example, one requirement could be the need to reach several people at a time in a synchronous communication situation.