City Sets in Paris

The City Sets workshop came to an end in EnSAD, Paris. The works show good motivation from the students and real insight on their behalf. The differences in the works made by EnSAD students and Aalto students are quite evident, both schools have managed to “find a story” with their work, but one can recognize the poetic french style of making stories on screen almost as a trademark. The finnish students have also left their mark on our screens, the much more observant and analytical approach of their work makes it evident that City Sets project has really left a mark. When this project started it aimed to make students aware of the design embedded in the city, to attentively look around and become aware of their surroundings; to take upon the city as a “stage” in order to investigate the design elements, visual languages and narratives embedded in the city.

It also aimed to engage the student in deep debate of what they are ‘seeing’, and what their intuition calls upon. In City Sets workshops the students were encouraged to observe through multiple narrative points of view and enrich their understanding of our life and environment which will eventually lead to better solutions in ‘wicked’ design problems*. After all, isn’t precicely group work and negotiation what makes our world worth living+ ?

City Sets Paris

* Based on the upcomming article by Mika Tuomola and Marja Seliger: “Cities as Sets: Narrative Eye to Urban Design – A course case study in combining art, design and media”, to be published by Cumulus International Association of Universities and Colleges of Art, Design and Media.