Celebrations and deadlines

Last Wednesday was the 4th of July, the local Independence Day. Along with it came a day off, it being a a national holiday and all, and some traditional celebrations. There were barbeques all over the campus and little American flags here and there. We celebrated by playing beach volleyball and bathing in a fountain (which is, by the way, not frowned upon). These activities would probably not gain much popularity in the 6th of December. And of course there were fireworks. We climbed a nearby hill to have a glance at them, and saw dozens and dozens of colorful explosions in the distance. And the nightly view from the hill was very nice even without the fireworks.

In all it was a very relaxed day. No military parades (here at least) and no patriotic music blasting everywhere (again, there might have been some somewhere else). 4th of July was not, however, the¬†only relaxed day, in fact the atmosphere is very relaxed every day. Flip flops are everyone’s footwear of choice. It’s always sunny and there are very few cars on campus. I’ve been told that it’s a west coast thing and I definitely don’t mind.

Despite the relaxed atmosphere the realities of a university are kicking in. The first deadlines are upon us and new assignments are pouring in. Assignments and homework make up for around the half of the grade on my courses, so they better be done if good grades are to be reached. But I think it’s a good thing – you’ll surely learn by doing the assignments and not everything is dependant on the exam. Also there the assignments are challenging enough, something you would expect in a school like this. That’s also great.

That’s all for today. There are classes to attend and programs to write. Maybe a little beach volleyball to play as well.