Can you design sustainable tourism?

Tuesday afternoon at the Sustainable Summer School 2012, workshop “Tourism: travel, trouble, transition”. Alastair Fuad-Luke from Aalto University, Bernd Draser from ecosign academy and 11 students from 5 countries are brainstorming on the role of design and designers in sustainable tourism.

–       Rethink the way of discovering

–       See the picture of the future

–       Translating ideas into real life

–       Raise awareness

–       Defining services

–       Give alternatives

–       And many more ideas

The aim of the workshop is to develop new ideas for the tourism on Suomenlinna, the UNESCO world heritage site just outside Helsinki. Only 850 inhabitants but 700 000 tourists every year. Can this be sustainable?

Alastair shows us the website of – they say “travel like a local” but how do locals travel?

Bernd tells us about passages and transitions. First we leave, then we undergo the adventure (whatever it is), and finally we come back but we have changed, we are something new. So how can Suomenlinna make a transition towards sustainable tourism?

Tourism is a pretty new thing in the history of Suomenlinna, just some decades old. So there are plenty of options for the future. I am really excited to see what the group will develop. As during the previous Sustainable Summer Schools, I’m sure we will have really exciting ideas on Saturday.

Let’s see what kind of inputs our Expert Day on Wednesday will provide when Mikko Jalas, Satu Lähteenoja, Milla Visuri and Hella Holmberg will talk discuss about sustainable lifestyles and sustainable cities.

The Expert Day is in the WDC Pavillon from 11 am to 4 pm. Open for everybody. Join us!