Bus signage top 3

The Helsinki Region Transport (HSL) recently updated their graphic identity. This update doesn’t seem to apply to their in-bus signs though. Here’s the top 3:

3. Rules for riding the bus

There sure seems to be a lot of rules for riding a bus. Luckily somebody has underlined the important ones so we don’t have to read them all.

But the real question here though is who is responsible for the illustration in the corner of the bus with the baseball hat? Because that’s not really doing it for me.

2. Easy access stop sign

Look – I know there is a lot of font nerds out there: this is for you, Comic Sans aficionados.

1. Pram safety sign

Then again, why design at all if you can get away with just printing your Word-file directly onto a sticker?

Like the clarification in brackets though which really puts EMPHASIS on words where needed.