Co-designing project courses for Aaltonaut

Second Aaltonaut Project Course workshop was held on 19th of June at Aalto Design Factory. In the workshop, 12 experienced Aalto teachers were given a task of designing a one-period project course suitable for the first-year students of Industrial Design, Mechanical Engineering and Business. The course would cover some of the learning goals of the study period thus replacing some basic studies for each student.

The participating teachers made a total of three course propositions. The first course proposition was a project of designing quiet sound environment for the future Aalto campus in Otaniemi. The second course idea suggested was a practical bridge building project that would cover learning goals in the basic studies of statistics, math, concept design, and CAD, but also group dynamics and communications skills. The third idea was a broader concept of project-based learning where the beginning of the project would concentrate on ideation and process structuring, whereas the middle phase of the project would be more theoretical and include personal exercises. At the end of the project the ongoing practical work would be channeled into demonstrating the learning acquired as concrete prototypes. The teaching personnel of the course would work as facilitators instead of lecturers.

Some of the project course ideas will be piloted already in Fall 2012 with a seed funding up to 10 000 euros to cover the additional costs. If you have ideas for pedagogically exceptional project studies suitable for Bachelor’s students in the fields of Arts and Design, Engineering and Business, please don’t hesitate to contact Eetu ( or Maria (