Breakfast at Englischer Garten

First of all: summer is not yet over in Munich. It only gets cold faster after the sunset.

After getting my bike getting to know the city has gotten a lot more easy. Now I can only quickly check in which direction should I go, and start to pedal. If I’m going somewhere with the U-bahn, I have to check out the  U-Bahn stations at my destination and calculate which ticket I have to buy (I’m still not quite familiar with the ticket system. I always buy a full-day ticket, since it seems to be the same price as two single-tickets) Everything seems to be at the most a 30 minute bike ride away, so as long as you’re in driving (bicycle driving) condition, it’s good to have a bike.

Friday morning was nice and sunny, so I made my breakfast to-gow and headed for the Englischer Garten. On the way I had checked out a local bank office, where I could open an account (since normal visa electrons don’t work here.. and I thought Germany was a modern country). Apparently you can’t just walk into a bank and open an account 🙁 Even though they had no customers whatsoever, and were just sitting on their hands, I would have to come back on Tuesday to open the account.. Anyhow, I managed to get some cash from an ATM, so I should be fine until Tuesday.

Like I said in an earlier post, Englischer Garten is BIG. Even though I had decided to “go all the way to the other end of the garden”, I was only able to get to maybe half-way before I had to stop to eat. Munich (and probably the whole Germany) is not a place for people with a fear of dogs. Here hardly ever you see dogs on a leash, and the park is filled with dogs that are running more or less along their owners. It’s very nice though to watch them go. One would think that dogs are perhaps meant to run un-leashed..

During my breakfast in the park, I almost lost my banana to a hungry dog, who came jogging at me with about 10 of his friends.. All unleashed, of course. I wonder how the owner/professional dog walker manages to get them under control when they leave the park.. But I have to point out that all the dogs here behave quite well, and I think that their required to go under some heavy-duty dog-schooling before they are let out without a leash.

On my way back I ran into something quite strange. Since Munich has this enormous park with lots of nice fields, the fields have to be taken care of somehow. Now I  (and soon will you too!) now how things are done here. About 1000 sheep, one German shepherd, and one German shepherd (see what I did there? :D) It was pretty cool, I’ve already posted a video about it on facebook, and you can find it here.

On my way home I stopped by for a mid-day-beer at famous bier garten of  Chinesien Turm, also in the park. Most of the people there were locals on their normal lunch break eating a bratwurst with roast potatoes and drinking a Mass (Mass = 1 liter glass of bier). I also saw some people well into their second mass!

Also in these biergardens you have to pay a deposit for the bier glass, which you’ll get back when you return the empty glass. Now I know that you have to also TAKE a deposit-marker etc., and only by returning this deposit marker can you get your deposit back..