Dear Boaters and Not-Yet-Boaters All Around the World

This afternoon, the first Visions of Future Boating design competition has been opened!

This is not a traditional boat design competition. It is not only about technical solutions nor is it only about aesthetics. It is about an idea of boating and a boat. The question is: how could the future of boating be like?

We ask you to envision the future of boating from your point of view. This is an opportunity to create concepts based on your individual wishes and dreams reflecting your local and cultural background. The concepts can be about boats, services and/or marinas.

To inspire you, design drivers based on global social changes are introduced here. Please feel free to use them, if you find them inspiring. New technologies might enable new boating solutions. Enablers are introduced here.

This competition will be run on this blog. You will find more information from the bar on the right side. Comments and questions are very welcome.

On behalf of the Openwave-group,

Janne Pekkala,
competition secretary, Muova

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