Bicycling in the city

..and of course I forgot to tell you about the bicycling I did today.

Bicyclists here are practically considered as car drivers, no business on the pedestrian lanes. On some roads there are bicycle-lanes on the pedestrian road, but not on every road. If there are no bicycle lanes available, you have to bicycle on the normal car lane, which can be quite interesting in the inner-city traffic!

Especially after a beer (and I can only imagine the turmoil during oktoberfest..) driving amongst the cars, buses and trucks is .. humbling. To know that what ever you hit, you lose.. So if i’m out to drink more than one beer, I think I’ll just walk or take the u-bahn.


This city is far too cool to explore only using the public transport. Having a bicycle is a MUST. I cannot fully tell you how cool and utmostly awesome it is to bicycle here in the city. Our house has five bicycles to borrow, in case of guests or something, which is also very very very good!