Between Finnish and English

The first issue of our new magazine will soon be published. We are anxious to get it in our hands and feel ourselves midwifes if not the actual mothers of the newcomer!

The main theme of the first issue is risk-taking. The creation of a new magazine is likewise a risk – especially when it is done bilingually. For now, the primary language of the magazine is Finnish but there will be several articles in English, too.

For example, the article featuring the first impressions of a new professor coming to Finland and starting her job in the University, will be published in English. In addition the column “On science” will be written in English in every issue. In the first issue, we will get to know a project focusing on the use of cinema in the brain research.

Some of the Finnish articles will be published in English here on our blog. We hope that this will supply the needs of our non-Finnish readers at the very least.

The share of English-language articles will increase in tandem with the internationalisation of Aalto University. Five years from now, all of our content will perhaps be in English. In the meanwhile, we are treading a fine line between Finnish and English.